Frequently Asked Questions – Not-For-Profit-Organisations

Q: Can The SAS Law School/Casepedia provide work experience opportunities all over the UK?
A: Yes. As long as participants have access to law courts and business locations.

Q: Do participants need any minimal educational level to be eligible for this opportunity?
A: No. As long as candidates can read and write English no specific body of knowledge is required .

Q: Does our organisation have to pay you for this service?
A: No. As long as you are not a for-profit organisation e.g. Jobcentre Plus.

Q: How many different work experience programmes are being offered by yourselves?
A: Currently we are offering work experience in Administration work and in Business. However, we are developing other work experience opportunities e.g. Accounts, IT and Media.

Q: Will all your future work experience programmes be available nationwide?
A: Yes.

Q: How are suitable candidates chosen?
A: If candidates come to us through one of our partners then they are pre-selected by a ‘Questionnaire Selection Process’ form that we provide our partners with. If they come directly to us then potential candidates self-select based on the criteria required for entry onto our programme.

Q: Will our work experience candidates have access to named supervisors within Casepedia?
A: No. Due to the fact that our programme is designed to accommodate hundred’s of thousands of work experience participants it would be impractical to provide each participant with a named supervisor. To compensate we provide FAQs which will be constantly updated by questions and answers we receive and give to participants.

Q: What is the full name of your website which offers ‘Work Experience’?