The Problems & Solutions

Do you agree that these 3 problems are faced by millions globally?

Problem 1

The bigger the gap in a person’s CV/Résumé the harder it becomes to get a job interview, the harder it is to get an interview the harder it becomes to get a good job.

Problem 2

Millions of us currently in a job are likely to experience, sometime in the future, a period of unemployment and may need to try alternative employment options.

Problem 3

CV/Résumés, are used by millions to get a job interview, but unlike architects and designers who also use job portfolios, millions globally go into a job interview empty handed.

Do you agree that a solution to these 3 problems would benefit millions globally?

Solution 1

Globally, we provide a 24/7 work placement / volunteer work opportunities that allows a person to lose a job one day and engage in meaningful work the next day and thus prevent gaps forming. Due to its flexibility participants can do 1 day one week and 3 days another. There is no mandatory time requirement, time spent is entirely in the hands of the participants.

Solution 2

Globally, we provide work placement / volunteer work opportunities in diverse areas such as admin, business, law, and media. Due to the flexibility of our program participants can try one area of work one day and if not engaged or interested switch to another as soon as the next day. Other work areas will be added in the future allowing even more flexibility and choice.

Solution 3

Globally, we provide a 24/7 job portfolio creation program that allows participants to download samples of their own work, which was carried out by them during their work placement / volunteering. Thus enabling them to showcase, like designers, actual samples of their own work during a job interview. A job portfolio takes over where the influence of a CV/Résumé ends.

Our Invitation: If you are a not-for-profit organisation and would like to provide free access to our work program to your clients or students, contact us.

…”Getting a job is like going into battle; every piece of equipment is important”…