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providing flexible high quality work experience opportunities supported by 24/7 job references

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“seeking employment now and in the future”


The Problem:

Whatever type of employment a job seeker may be seeking, first impressions count. A big gap in their CV/Resume or having no work experience can give potential employers a negative or bad first impression.

Do you agree? A bad first impression means less job interviews – which means less job offers.


The Solution:

Fill the gap with meaningful, challenging and extremely flexible work experience; 1 day, 7 days, 28 days – in work areas such as Administration, Business and Media. Also, support jobseekers – up to 250,000+ nationally – by enabling them to download and attach a job reference to every single job application and CV they send out. And further to that, providing jobseekers with another facility that allows them to create and download job portfolios to take with them to a job interview.

Do you agree? A good first impression means more interviews – impactful interviews means more job offers.


Our Provision:

Locally, nationally and globally, we are using our 23 year history of providing practical based training programmes to create challenging and innovative work experience opportunities that ‘OUR PARTNERS’ can offer to their clients/customers who are seeking employment in both law and non-law based sectors of the job market.

Do you agree? More job offers empowers the job seeker – it strengthens the candidate’s psychological immune system against disappointments in the job market, and can lead eventually to their gaining employment.