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Job Portfolios

“seeking employment now and in the future”


The Problem:

Whatever type of employment a job seeker may be after, first impressions count. A big gap in their CV/Resume or having no work experience can give potential employers a negative or bad first impression.

Do you agree? A bad first impression means less job interviews – which means less job offers.


The Solution:

Fill the gap with meaningful, challenging and extremely flexible work experience; up to 28 days – in work areas such as Administration, Business, Law and Media. Then, support those jobseekers – up to 250,000+ nationally – by enabling them to download samples of their own work and build a Job Portfolio. Architects, Designers (fashion, graphic, website) would never dream of attending a job interview without taking a job portfolio with them. A good CV may get a person an interview, it will not guarantee them the job; showing a job portfolio at an interview can.

Do you agree? A good first impression means more interviews – impactful interviews means more job offers.


Our Provision:

Locally, nationally and globally, we are using our 23 year history of providing practical based training programmes to create challenging and innovative work experience opportunities, with the specific aim of providing job seekers with Job Portfolios. This is a provision that ‘OUR PARTNERS’ can offer to their clients/customers who are seeking employment.

Do you agree?  Job Portfolios should be a tool that all job seekers can utilize, not just those in selected employment sectors – e.g. Designers.